Providing all of the back office administrative services necessary for companies operating in the entertainment industry, allowing your business to operate efficiently, increase revenue, reduce expenses, and remain in compliance.

Our Services

Residuals management & compliance

Residuals management & compliance, including reporting & payment processing, strategic consultation and ultimate calculations. Learn More>>

Profit participations & third party reporting

Profit participations & third party reporting, including management, strategic consultation and ultimate calculations. Learn More>>

Royalty management & compliance

Royalties owed based on the exploitation of your licensed content, whether it be on digital platforms, DVD/Home Video or Music, can represent a vital source of revenue for your company. Learn More>>

Business Affairs

As an alternative to an expensive outside law firm or in-house legal staff, with our expertise, we can manage your day to day legal needs, resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiency. Learn More>>

Insurance management & review

We will successfully manage and anchor communication of all your insurance needs. Learn More>>

Delivery of a production to distributors and other third parties.

During the life cycle of when a motion picture or series is produced the producer needs to complete various essential agreements and other documentation for distributors and other third parties. We can help. Learn More>>

Rights Management, Intellectual Property Management, and Corporate Governance

Based on your particular needs we can help you choose and set up an appropriate database, and much more. Learn More>>

And More

We can review and provide other business services as needed.  Learn More>>

Why us?

40 Years of Experience

We have over 40 years of combined experience working for industry leading global theatrical and television production and distribution companies

Strong Relationships

Over the years, we have successfully developed and maintained strong relationships with various guilds, producers, distributors, and business partners.

Great Support

We have successfully managed all aspects of back office functions for libraries that included over 1,000 titles.