Residuals management & compliance

There are many guild regulations and each guild has its own Basic Agreement, with different rules for every market the project is sold, that continuously change. Not only do we have extensive knowledge of all guild basic agreements, but we can expertly handle all of your residual reporting & payment obligations and management functions seamlessly.


Residual payments are due to performers such as actors, directors and writers, who provide services for Theatrical or Television motion pictures as well as Television shows or episodic series’, once it is sold and/or exploited in any market, including but not limited to Basic Cable, Syndication, Home Video, Pay Television and Digital platforms.


Residuals are calculated and due in accordance with the terms of the respective guild basic agreements, which are applicable to your project. Calculations can vary greatly depending upon what market the project was made for and what specific guilds apply (i.e., they can be based on a percentage of the collections received or on a formula each time a project airs on a TV channel). There are strict deadlines in regards to reporting your collections and/or airdates and paying residuals due to each guild, which, if not met, can result in extensive late payment penalties and subsequent audits.

Below is a list of both domestic & foreign guilds, in which residual obligations may apply: