Royalty management & compliance

Royalties owed based on the exploitation of your licensed content, whether it be on digital platforms, DVD/Home Video or Music, can represent a vital source of revenue for your company and there are various ways we can help you ensure you are receiving all of the royalties you are entitled to:


We will ensure that all royalty obligations are being met by the licensee (the party you sell your rights to) in accordance with the terms of the royalty agreement, including:

  • Ensuring all royalty statements are received in a timely manner. If not, we will remain persistent in following up with the licensee.
  • Thorough review of the royalty statement received including ensuring proper royalty rates have been applied, improper deductions have not been taken, data from the prior statement has been properly rolled forward & reserves have been correctly calculated.
  • The payments received pursuant to the statement will be properly allocated in accordance with your G/L system requirements to the appropriate title & right, so it can easily be recorded into your G/L.

We can develop & implement an easy to use system which will track all incoming statements that are about to become due, are past due & that have been received, as well as the royalty payments received or receivable. If you have a large amount of royalty deals in which the volume is too difficult to track manually, we can help in choosing the appropriate royalty software to manage your royalties & can also assist in the proper setup.


Based on our experience in reviewing thousands of royalty agreements executed between companies of all sizes & types of library content, we can help negotiate favorable royalty terms in sync with industry standards as well as draft and execute royalty agreements.